Best solution

  • Asist is the paradise for all DIY enthusiasts
  • Asist means help. 
  • We do help you to finish your projects

Siginifican Milestones

  • 22 years on the market
  • 15 million tools and 5 million machines sold!
  • One of the most  DIY enthusiasts brand
  • 3 years of Assist warranty*
  • Work easier in the workshop, homeand garden!


At ASIST, we understand that the right tools can make the difference between a good result and a great one. That's why our product line is designed to assist you in achieving the highest standards in your work. Product line is: Power tools Hand tools Garden machines Welding accessories High-pressure cleaners Heating appliances Safes Each subcategory offers a comprehensive list of products accompanied by descriptions, images, and a Call to Action to proceed with purchase

Asist HIstory

Established in 2001, Asist has positioned itself as a leading global brand in the realm of technology-oriented machinery. Dedicated to providing exceptional quality and value, Asist has swiftly amassed a formidable consumer base in various countries. The brand has a significant market presence within the European Union, including countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia.

Our Vision

Our vision is our name. ASIST was created with a vision to help people in the realization of their projects. Named after the universal concept of 'assistance', our brand is uniquely positioned as a provider of high-quality power tools, hand tools, and garden machinery, that are your reliable partners.