22 let

Assisting you for 22 years. Thank you you for the opportunity.
We age with the company like everyone else, but we have energy to spare! :)

3.200.000 deliveries - Until now, we have made over three million deliveries for our customers and consumers.
But we want to do 10x as many in the next few years. We can do it, ... with you. Thank you.

BEST PRICES - The best prices are with us - our buyers negotiate prices for you on tens of thousands of items, so we can then sell you even a single piece at the fairest price.
Anyone can be expensive, we want to do it differently.

RANGE – more than 480 Asist products in stock. We strive to select the best on the market. Trends, useful features, hit the product that you need in different seasons for the garden, workshop, household.
All your projects can be reached easier with Asist Power and hand tools.

2+1 YEAR WARRANTY - Up to 1 year additional warranty on selected ASIST range.
Well, other e-shops charge extra for this. With us, you have it for free.

STOCK – 8.000 m2. We have one of the largest warehouses in the Czech Republic for HOBBY, HOUSEHOLD, GARDEN range. Imagine the largest Makro or OBI store, and all of it is full of products that we brought just for you.
Now we just need to pack it up and send it to you.

24 HOURS - For most items in stock, we guarantee delivery within 1 business day with our fastest carrier.
Thanks to our operation, thanks to our team

PICK-UP POINTS – We have one of the widest networks of pick-up points in the Czech Republic and we are also very good in Slovakia
Our customer service knows about every single delivery from the moment of ordering until i tis delivered.

TEAM – We have dozens of people in the team ready to handle everyday routine and non-standard requirements. Logisticians, buyers, salespeople, order support, programmers, accountants, graphic designers, drivers, warehouse workers, and many others.
Only with them it is possible!

Asist is managed by WETRA ČR a.s. (member of the RS WETRA Group)